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Cyklar med Kjelleman

I fredags hjälpte jag Kjell Eriksson med ett av hans projekt. Han skulle göra en digital inbjudan i en svår situation och dagens svåra situation var på en downhill  cykel! här nere är resultat, blev ganska spännande!


// Oliwer


National championships 2013

Good evening!

The title speaks for itself, the past weekend we raced the nationals here in Sweden. After many questions and speculations the decisions was made to arrange the national champs in Hammarbybacken a small hill in stockholm, pretty late on the season but the need for UCI points left us with no choice.

The track is 15 minutes away from our house so a lot of people said we had an advantage and that we had ridden the track much more than anyone else, but to be fair we have only been up there twice this summer and when the track got wet it was just as challenging for us as for all the other riders. Of course we both felt that we had a good chance to do something good with a race on home soil but we knew that it would be a tuff race on such a short track.

It had rained earlier in the week so the track was pretty wet and with a lot of rocks and roots it maid saturdays practice challenging. The session were on for six hours and with a track of 45sec there was no sense to rush. We had way to many runs but the sun was out and the feeling was good so we just kept going until we felt done.

Sunday started in best possible way with a morning stretch/walk with coach Tommy Johanson. We did the two obligatory training runs and then the race was on. After the first run Oliwer sat in second and Alex in forth, both with runs were they felt that they could improve to the second run. Alex was first to leave the start and he improved his time with almost two seconds but still not satisfied he settled for forth on the day. Oliwer started to aggressive and almost crashed on the first jump, he knew that on a short track like this there was no room for any mistakes, so after the first incident he pushed really hard on the rest of the track. He cased a rockjump in the end which sent him of track really close to a tree but he kept it on two wheels and gave it all into the finish. He improved his time with almost half a second, so at first he felt pretty bad over the fact that he still improved his time with a run like that. Oliwer ended up in second spot and felt really happy after a while.

Overall it was a good weekend for us, we both got some UCI points and with Oliwer on the podium and Alex so close behind we are happy.

We would like to send a big thanks to Mike & Johnny who arranged this amazing race, and also to all the people that  supported us thru the weekend and last to all the people that came out to watch the race! Thank you.

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Foto: Bengt Luthman & Bashar Waleed

// The bros

Europeancup Maribor

Hello People!

We’r back in cyberspace, at least for a while..

At the moment we are out on a three week road trip, Hafjell – Leogang – Maribor. The last two world-cups has been really bad for both Alex and Oliwer, In hafjell we both got a puncutre in the qualifying and we didn’t get in to the final.

The weekend after the last round was up in Leogang and the weekend started really bad with oliwer getting food poisoned.  Alex crashed during fridays practice and he injured his shoulder so bad that he wasn’t able to ride. It was a really bad weekend for both of us.

However this weekend we have been racing the last round of the europeancup in Maribor, we’v been here with the national team so the support and the help has been really good. First practice on friday was really fun and oliwer felt comfortable in the mud, he put in eight runs which is a lot but he enjoyed the track and couldn’t stop, Alex still felt some pain in his shoulder so he sat out whole friday.

Saturday and the rain didn’t stop so the track was still very challenging, Alex was back on the bike and he felt good during practice. Seeding run went down and Oliwer settled for 25th and Alex for 24th, None of us were happy with our runs and we felt that we had more speed to pick up, we both were hungry for sundays race.

Sunday came and the weather didn’t get any better so a wet race was up. Practice went well and we had three runs each before the final. Oliwer was first out on track and a little to hungry for a good result after the last bad races, he was going good and kept focus all the way down and he ended up in 12th place. After the race he was a little bummed over missing the top10 but he said he was happy with the result and that it was better than getting a flat or crash.

Alex didn’t have such a good day, still felt some pain in his shoulder and a little unsure if he would be able to hold on for a whole race run, he started good but went of track in the first woods were the vision was really bad, knowing he wouldn’t have anything to do with the top times after his mistake he cruised down into 58th place, fare from his full capacity.

The season is coming to its end but we have one more race the second weekend in october, the National championships is held in stockholm on a short track but it will be fun racing on home soil so looking forward to that. More info to come about that event and hopefully some of you guys can come and watch us race!

_DSC3250copy Skärmavbild 2013-09-29 kl. 20.09.12 _DSC3208copy


Late update from Sainte-anne

The week started of good with a 900km drive from Newark airport New York, up to Quebec Canada. NOT

However the drive wasn’t to bad, and we arrived in MSA early tuesday morning, with absolutely nothing to do for the day, we just ended up sitting in the house, playing on the football table.

Wednesday was as usuall track walk, and registration. Track was so sick overthere this year, and both Oliwer and Alex just really loved it from the first section to the lastImage

Thursday was first practice day

And man the track was awesome, both of us had a big smile on the face riding along the first day. It was wet and muddy, but still super FUN!

Qualifying went down on friday the 9th of August, Alex’s 23rd birthday, so the feeling overall was good in the household. The short practice went good, and track was mint for qualies, Alex was first out and had a good run going, he had a small crash mid track, and got a small puncture slowely leeking all the way down to the finnish he ended up in 57th in qualifying in for sundays race.

Oliwer started 2 riders after A and was riding super, a big off in one of the open sections just before the first split time made Oliwer end up in 83rd place, 3 places of the qualifying mark which sucked big time. He wasn’t to gutted since he knowed he would have qualified if he just had stayed on the bike.

Sundays race was up.

And Alex had a good feeling for it,

He started of good, rode the top section mint, and had a pretty descent stop in the midle of the track, anyhow he was charging on the bottom parts of the track, and felt really good untill he got a flat tire probably 20 seconds before the second split time, nothing he could do, he rolled in to the finnish in 67th, a bit dissapointed, but still pumped for the future.

 Next worldcup is Hafjell in Norway in september.

Stay tunedImage

Andorra Finals


Sitting back home in Stockholm, relaxing after a safe trip back to sweden,

Andorra is in the books and it didn’t turn out as i had hoped.

I took the saturday practice relaxed, and just looked out a few new lines for sunday and honestly i felt like i could do something really good on sunday.

Anyhow I started the Finals day off with two practice runs on the track.

We got a little bit of rain on the sunday morning so for the first practice run track was pretty sketchy, but second one was fine.

I felt like i was riding pretty much as good as i’ve ever been, and i was super pumped for my final run, but it all ended in disaster.

I took the start good and rode down the first straight, lost all traction, in the second turn, went straight towards a tree, managed to brake down, and when i was gonna pedal back up the rear mech hanger just snapped in half, mech wrapped in to the wheel, and that was it, the second marshal of the track asked me if i was done and the answer was simply…. Yes!

I walked back up to the pitts, put my bike together and walked down the track to watch the rest of the guys race.

It doesn’t feel that bad right now.  Since i know I am riding good at the moment, i just need to work on a few moore things. I know I am able to put something good together, and I am gonna keep on untill i reach my goals

Next race up is Mont-sainte-anne in Canada for me and little Bro. So

Stay tuned!

Andorra post qualifying blog

Andorra qualifying, is in the books.

It didn’t go as we had hoped but, it was still okey.

Both Oliwer and me felt good during practice, and we both felt that we could do good results here. However Oliwer went down first, and had a good run untill he got a rear puncture probably mid way down the track, still he tried to push on and ended up in 99th place 3.7 seconds behind 80th place, not bad for riding with a flat!

I though started of good and tried to find a good rhytm into the track, I actually felt really good, alltough I stalled 2 corners up top, but still i felt quick, it wasn’t untill i was midway down where I went for a corner that didn’t exist anymore, and it blew me straight of the track, flew off the bike, and I had to run back up to get my bike, and  then finally jump back on it again.

I tried to push on the rest of the track, making sure i was gonna make it in to the finals, but i just started to ride worse and worse, lost all my rhytm, i think i stalled 4 turns on the last section. Still managed to get in to 67th spot, which felt awesome!

Training tomorrow and finals on Sunday, I’m gonna work on a few lines tomorrow and hopefully I can come out swinging!

Stay tuned.



Åre bike festival

Åre bike festival is in the books for this year. Alex updating you what went down

We have had a great week of riding, racing, hanging with friends, and some partying!

We got up to Åre late last monday and riding started on tuesday, where I did the Sprint Downhill race, a one run downhill race in the downhill track in Åre. I ended up taking the win with around 1 second, the race doesn’t really say anything cause no one did more than one practice run on it, but it still felt OK!

The week went on and we had some really fun moments up on the mountain, we pretty much did 4 days of intense downhill training, mostly taking the big gondola lift all the way up to the top of the mountain which gives you 10-15 minutes of pure downhill riding, so after 4 days of that, our bodys was pretty fucked, I actually start to feel way better since i broke my ribs, and it feels like speed is starting to come back and that feels super.

Anyhow yesterday both me and Oliwer did the Åre Enduro King race on the mountain, the race contained 3 diferent special stages, one of them we did tvice so 4 stages in total. I was really pumped for doing the race, ever since i raced the Enduro race in Falun i have been looking forward to this race.

The first stage was the trail “månskogen-getrappet” which is one of the easier trails on the mountain, it’s pretty much just berms berms and berms all the way down to the finnish, and it was 9 miuntes long… However I didn’t feel that good on the first stage, i tried to ride a solid pace all the way down which didn’t really work for me, cause i felt that i went to slow just trying to save power.

The second stage was the classic track “bräcke bäcks leden” a fun trail that i really enjoy, I had a pretty good run down Bräcke, though i caught the rider in front of me on the bottom part of the track, which i think slowed me down a little, which sucked cause i only was 3.8 seconds behind on that stage!

The third stage was the same as the first one, felt shit again, i went out way to hard, and I was done after half the track, I felt that I barely managed to hold on for the rest of the stage.

The fourth stage of the race was 2 tracks linked together, the first part was the trail the guys in Åre rides during the winter named “hermans” and a lot of sprinting, for finally end up in the “jannes rygg” trail. I felt really good on the first and second trail of the stage, but i felt slow and powerless after a long day of riding and i think i lost serious amount of time on the middle section.

Oliwer, made a late entry for the race, and got unseed for the start, and he pretty much explained it as he had to ride motocross down the hill, trying to overtake as many riders as possible for not to be hold up all the way down, allthough he managed to end up 8th overall

I ended up 3rd in the race, 39 seconds behind 1st place, and 4 secs behind 2nd, and I am really happy with that considering I only had fast guys in front of me.

Il guess that’s it from now, me and Oliwer are going to Hafjell tomorrow to get som good riding in before the worldcup in Andorra

Stay tuned.

Thanks to Erik Westerberg for the pic, and stage results below.


AlexanderKangas Skärmavbild 2013-07-08 kl. 00.08.54

Val di Sole, post race blog

Val di sole is in the books.

Finding a wifi in Italy was harder than expected so the activity here has been low since we left Scotland. The trip went good, we caught the boat on time and spent whole tuesday driving true Europe to finally arrive in Val di sole  late tuesday.

The things to do on wednesday was registration and track walk, When we took the lift up we got reminded of how brutal the track is. Straight away from the start it gets really rough and it stays like that all the way down, not really any parts were you can catch a breath so the track is really tuff on you.

First practice on thursday and none of us felt comfortable, it’s so hard to find any flow and traction doesn’t exist as the bike just bounces around all the time. We had five runs each and had to make it work in some way.


However friday started with a short practice season and it actually felt good compared to thursday so when the quali started we both felt pretty confident. Oliwer was the first one out of us, and he was really bummed over his run cause he struggled to find pace and just ran to slow everywhere, he crossed the line in 60th spot, and ended up as 74th so he was in for the finals on sunday, Alex went down 6 guys after Oliwer and got a flat tire ending his chanses of doing a good result for the weekend.

Sunday was comming quicker then ever, and Oliwer was in a good mode for the finals after a few runs on saturday. He started of a little bit to aggressive in the first section which ended up with a few mistakes, he kept going but found himself with the same feeling as in the qualifying, just going to slow and braking in places that he shouldn’t . He ended up in 58th place which is his best worldcup result so far but he couldn’t really enjoy that after how the run felt.

A tuff track to race when we never ride anything like it so overall we are booth happy that we survived the race and that Oliwer got a solid result. Next up is the IXS european cup in leogang this weekend, last time we raced here was 2011 and the track is quite fun so hopefully it will be a good race! trackwalk and practice on friday so stay tuned!

blogg italien IMG_8233



Fort William WC#1 post race blog!

Hey, Alex updating you after a good weekend in Fort William,

We have had a nice time up here in Scotland riding was unfortunately not as good as we had hoped but overall it has been a good weekend.On thursday we registred and walked the track, and it was few changes on the track, the only small ones was only better i would say,

Friday was the first day of training on the track and due to the new UCI regulation me and Oliwer was not able to train together which sucked but whatever,

Qualifying was ok for me and better for Oliwer where he finnished 66th and me 51st

Today was the big day, Sunday and finals for the race,

Oliwer was the first one of me and him to hit the track, he had a descent run except from a crash in the middle part of the track which of course ruined his chanses of a top result, he finnished in 71st place, but i think he is pretty happy just to be in for the finals and try to prove himself,

I ended up 53rd in todays racing, im not happy at all with that result, but I don’t belive i really can expect more from myself, considering me cracki’n a couple of ribbones the last weekend. If i look at it from the perspective that i actually didn’t manage to ride down the track for my first training run, i feel a little bit better.

Also big thanks to Pål Ager-wick for helping us out through the weekend!

Next weekend it’s time for WC#2 in Val Di Sole, Italy it’s gonna be rough #asfuckoverthere,

hopefully Oliwer can stay out of trouble there, and im just praying for my body to heal quick as f”k

That’s all from now

Untill one

Fort Will

Back in lovely Scotland again. The drive was not that bad, everything went according to plans and we caught the boat right on time. We arrived here in Fort william around this time yesterday. Today have been pretty relaxed and the things on the schedule was registration and track-walk. A new thing for this year is that the practice is separated in one A group and a B group and the groups is based on the uci ranking, so I’m in the b group and alex is in the a group and therefore we will not be able to do practice together. Bummer but not much to do about it. Track looks good and it’s pretty much the same as previous years except to a little change in the last woods that will make it a bit faster, struggling a little bit to decide which one of the schwalbe tire a will use but I’l get that sorted tomorrow.

Practice tomorrow from 8,30. Hopefully everything will feel good after a few runs!

IMG_8160 IMG_8161 IMG_8162